Monday, May 27, 2013

Big Brother Africa 8: Opening Show [Full Video]

Africa's biggest Reality TV show, Big Brother Africa The Chase, kicked off in a spectacular way last night as the 28 Housemates were introduced to the millions of fans who tuned in.

Watch the video below...


  1. I can't do any other thing,just watching BBA

  2. Looking forward to the best of Nigeria representatives

  3. Can any of you please out of the kindness of your heart post full episodes of BBAfrica 2013 on so that I and other BBfans can watch... I Love BB internationally and it would just make my whole summer if its full of Big Brother... First BBCanada, then BBAfrica, then BBUK, then BBUS love it. Thanks if you can

  4. am thinking ik has a disease,he is a super demon but he stl cant afford to look good. funny huh, hw u sell ur soul and get 'tht' in return.kikikikiki. is th money even good?


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