Sunday, May 26, 2013

Let The Chase Begin

Big Brother Africa is the name, The Chase is the game.

After an electrifying start to the evening, 28 of Africa’s sexiest singletons descended onto the Big Brother Live Show stage before making their way into the Rubies and Diamonds Houses.

After each female Housemate had picked the smile that she was most drawn to, the guy who the smile belongs to came out onto the stage carrying a yellow or red cloth that signified whether they would be headed to Rubies or Diamonds House. Although the Housemates walked into the Houses as pairs they will be competing as individuals and will spend the 91 days vying for each other's affections for the USD 300 000 prize.

Here is how the Housemates have been divided:

Pokello, Zambia
LK4, Uganda
Selly, Ghana
Bassey, Sierra Leone
Beverly, Nigeria
Sulu, Zambia
Cleo, Zambia
Oneal, Botswana
Maria, Namibia
Melvin, Nigeria
Natasha, Malawi
Bigeusas, Angola
Koketso, South Africa
Hakeem, Zimbabwe

Dellish, Namibi
Angelo, South Africa
Fatima, Malawi
Nando, Tanzania
Huddah, Kenya
Bimp, Ethiopia
Motamma, Botswana
Neyll, Angola
Feza, Tanzania
Elikem, Ghana
Betty, Ethiopia
Bolt, Sierra Leone
Annabel, Kenya
Denzel, Uganda

Now that the Housemates have been divided let The Chase begin.

By Lihle


  1. I like selly already

  2. Yea but i think i like Beverly better

  3. Pokello is zimbabwean made a mistake there pliz

  4. Pokello is Zimbabwean please correct!!!!

  5. Melvin nd Beverly go get d chase 4 naija

  6. i av lyked betty

  7. Selly from Ghana luk so cute hw will i reach her?

  8. Show us the other syd pliz

  9. Hakeem ma boy all da way

  10. I l0ve melvin nd beverly x0 much

  11. feza is hottttttttt

  12. :):)i liki Denzel,made my day this morning when dancing like my nephew :)

  13. Its not a matter of a question anymore dis year's winner is melvin
    He's so cool
    Big upssss mel


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