Monday, July 30, 2012

All About Seydou...Again!

Talia had to defend her relationship with Seydou again, this evening.

It seems some of the StarGame boys still do not understand Talia's fixation with Seydou. Talia had to explain herself again as she chilled in the Jacuzzi with the boys. Kyle, who initially had a crush on Talia, asked the Zambian about her connection to Sey.

"Why should I have to explain myself? Honestly, it's always the same questions over and over again. Sey and I have a connection that I really want to explore further," she said.

When Kyle asked Talia what she would do if Seydou came to the Finale with another girl, Talia told him "I would be sad, but life goes on".

Later, Kyle told the gang he had an interest in Talia in the early days of the game, but he pulled back to give Seydou a chance. "Thereafter, it was Eve all the way for me. That girl is hot," he said.

Video: Kyle's respect for Seydou

By NgettyD / DStv Online

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  1. I think thts the only way she can forget about Keagan coz honestly the gal is trapped in Keagan s world its not flirting as she usually says but luv.....................she is young who can blame her........explore both worlds gal and if u dont win the money at least win one of them