Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Brother StarGame: Day 75, 76, 77 + Week 12 Nominations - Full Episode

Day 75: Wati pulled off a sensational victory during the Head of House Task.

The tension in the house that morning was palpable. All the Housemates were without a doubt pinning their hopes on winning the Head of House Task, to secure their place in the Big Brother StarGame Finale. Winning the Head of House title, gives the Sheriff immunity from Eviction, should they choose to use their 'Save and Replace' powers.

Day 76: You would have sworn there was a river of alcohol in the House that night.

After waiting hours for the party to kick off, the Housemates danced like they were possessed. Perhaps releasing some tension before the following day's nail biter of an Eviction Show? We think so.

The theme for this week's party was 'Rio Carnival' and the Housemates certainly looked the part. Brazil is synonymous with not only the Carnival, but is also quite well known for what you are most likely to see there; gorgeous beach bodies.

Day 77: Lady May received 5 votes to save: Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe.

Prezzo received 5 votes to save: Kenya, Liberia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rest of Africa.

Wati received 3 votes to save: Malawi, South Africa, Zambia.

Keitta received 2 votes to save: Ghana, Sierra Leone.

Alex received no votes to save.

Therefore, Keitta and Alex were evicted from the Upville House.

During the nomination show on Day 78, Wati made use of his ‘Save And Replace’ power to save himself from the gallows of Eviction and instead placed Kyle’s head firmly under the guillotine. We wonder if the Upville lad’s decision had anything to do with Keitta’s Eviction. The Ghanaian was sent straight to Homeville last night along with Alex, just a few moments after Keitta found out that Kyle had put him up for Eviction.

During their tenure in StarGame Keitta and Wati cultivated a close friendship along with Keagan. Prezzo even dubbed the trio The Three Musketeers. What do you think, did Wati Nominate Kyle as payback for his friend?

The nominees this week were Kyle, Jannette, Lady May and Prezzo. Watch the entire episode below..

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