Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big Brother StarGame: Day 78 Review - Full Episode

With only two weeks to go before the finale, the Housemates wanted Prezzo and Wati out.

Prezzo and Wati garnered the most Nominations for the final Nominations of the StarGame season. Lady May exacted revenge on Wati and Jannette for what she termed "their devilish behaviour". Last week, a heartbroken Lady May listened in on a gossip session the gang was having, which Wati and Jannette were the ring leaders of.

"They have started a Hate Lady May Campaign that has influenced the House against me," she said during her Nominations Diary. Prezzo fell on Kyle like a ton of bricks, dragging him to the gallows for being a disciple. "He is what I call a disciple. He is a follower and tends to get on everyone's nerves," the Masai warrior said.

Jannette, on the other hand, thinks Prezzo has had enough exposure to last him a lifetime, hence pulling the trigger at him. She also Nominated Wati, because she thinks he has a lot of love from Big Brother Africa viewers. Wati however did not return the favour and put Jannette on the chopping block because of the country factor.

"She and Kyle are from Uganda, so that in itself compromises my game," he said. Keagan escaped unscathed and was not put up for possible Eviction by his fellow Housemates.

In the evening, Wati made use of his ‘Save And Replace’ power to save himself from the gallows of Eviction and instead placed Kyle’s head firmly under the guillotine.

Therefore Prezzo, Janette, Lady May and Kyle faced eviction this week. Watch the review below..

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