Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Brother StarGame: Day 81 Review - Full Episode

On this day, Prolific Nigerian musician 2face Idibia made another surprise visit to the Big Brother House for the Housemates' Task Presentation.

The ONE Campaign ambassador listened attentively as the StarGamers came forward one by one share their vision of a better Africa. “Life is not just about Beamers and Bentleys. We have to involve ourselves in the fight,” was Kyle’s call to Africa.

Lady May described poverty and hunger as two men who have illegally come into Africa. “We must deport them,” exclaimed the Namibian. During his Presentation Prezzo broke out in song, “Fellow African’s let’s stick together so we can move forward, forward, forward,” sang the Kenyan.

At the end of their speeches the Housemates each dug deep into their humanity and shared their ideas on how to better the continent. After a philanthropic week that included designing ONE Campaign t-shirts, growing a new vegetable patch in the Thrive Garden, constructing a compost bin and giving away some of the House groceries to the underprivileged the Housemates were rewarded with a 100% Wager victory. Watch the full episode below...

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