Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Brother StarGame: Day 82, 83 and 84 - Full Episode

Day 82: For the final HoH challenge, the Housemates had to randomly select one pom-pom of their choice, which were in different colours once revealed.

For some reason, Keagan was the only one who picked a yellow one while the rest of the Housemates each had either a blue or purple pom-pom. It looks like mother luck was on the South African Housemate's side.

Day 83: Uganda's DJ Pita brought the House down with his fusion of Afro and International Hip Hop.

For obvious reasons, Kyle and Jannette were over the moon when they heard the Sanyu FM intro right in their backyard. They ran out of the lounge to see their country DJ live after almost three months of being confined in the House.

The good thing is that DJ Pita didn't embarrass the last surviving couple in StarGame and he dished his best vibes much to the excitement of all the Housemates.

Day 84: Janette was evicted from the Upville House. Watch the video below..

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