Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big Brother StarGame: Day 85 - Full Episode

Talia's heart almost popped out when Lady May told her that they have to nominate each other.

Biggie called Lady May into the Diary Room and Talia was curious so Lady May dished the dirt to her. "We have to nominate three Housemates," Lady May explained very convincingly.

Seeing that the Zambian lass was close to a fit, she retracted her statement and told her that Biggie would brief the Housemates in due course.

However, being the last week of the game, there were no nominations. Walking the last mile, ready to jump over the final hurdle were six strong StarGame contenders.

Keagan, Kyle, Lady May, Prezzo, Talia and Wati were the last six standing after 29 Housemates from all over Africa fell by the wayside. Watch the review below..

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