Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Daybreak: Being Lady May

Prezzo seems to have taken to his new role of impersonating Lady May maybe a little too well.

Yesterday the Housemates were each given a Secret Task in which they have to spend the next few days acting as one of their fellow StarGamers in the House. Prezzo was instructed by Biggie to spend the next few days acting like the eccentric Namibian.

The rapper seems to have studied the songstress very closely over the past 12 weeks as the past two days have shown. Last night the Kenyan slept outside in the garden a la Lady May. This morning he attending the Housemates’ workout session donned in his formal shoes in honour of the StarGame lass’ pink heels. The celebrity bad boy even went as far as mimicking her peculiar daily staircase-yoga habits. Talk about dedication!

Is Prezzo a really good actor or does the self-proclaimed Masai warrior have a little crazy in him?

Video: Lady Prezzo

via DStv Online

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