Saturday, July 28, 2012

Daybreak: Is Lady May A Cunning Strategist?

Is Lady May a cunning strategist? The StarGame gents seem to think so.

Talking about Lady May is to the men of Upville much like breathing – a daily activity that they cannot exist without. As the days pass by it is becoming more apparent that the unconventional Namibian is both a threat and an enigma which is the object of the Housemates fascination.

In the wee hours of the morning Keagan and Wati deliberated about the songstress’ StarGame strategy. According to Keagan now that the game is close to the finals the celebrity Housemate has changed her strategy. “You can see what her strategy is. Quiet for three months and all of a sudden today she is playing cards with us and dancing in front of Talia and dancing with Jannette,” vented the South African. The Upville lad also shared that he believes that if she is in the finals next week then all of a sudden she will be a chatterbox.

Talia jumped in asking the boys why do they let her bother them so much and why should they even care about her. “Because she is in my face,” retorted Keagan. Wati’s response was that he was trying to see the bigger picture, “What are the viewers seeing from her that I can’t see?” the Malawian wanted to know.

The two Upville lads are not the only ones that believe that Lady May is not as innocent as she portrays, Prezzo has harped on about the matter several times before as well as the booted Upviller, Keitta.

Video: We see right through you Lady May

By Lihle / DStv Online

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