Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Daybreak: The Morning After

After a wild night of hard boozing the Housemates tried to recharge their bodies this morning with an energising workout session.

As fresh as spring chickens were Lady May and Prezzo who missed out on all of the festivities last night. Little Jannette was noticeably absent for the fitness routine and it was not surprising considering the night that she had. After the young Ugandan downed shots after shots of she then proposed to Wati but later on the two had quite a row about her inviting herself to his bed.

She also stripped down to nothing but a bra and g-string in the Jacuzzi, much to Keagan’s surprise. After that when she headed to bed she vomited all over the floor.

Her wild drunken antics caused quite a bit of tension between some of the Housemates as Talia blamed Kyle for not watching over his insecure former Downville partner. Later on today the Housemates will be continuing on with their duties for the ONE campaign Task. Yesterday they got a surprise visit from prolific Nigerian musician 2face Idibia and later in the evening Irish Rock star Bono, dropped in via satellite link with a little message for the StarGamers.

We wonder what surprises Big Brother has in store for the Housemates today.

By Lihle / DStv Online

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  1. Janet oooh shame she embarases herself