Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Depression Sets In

The mere thought of the Finale gives the Housemates jitters.

Talia confessed to Prezzo in the evening that she was finding it difficult to even stand; "I get depressed when I think of Sunday because it's marking an end to something."

However, Prezzo simply said "grand opening, grand closing." The two Housemates decided to take a nap perhaps to escape the bugging thoughts.

Meanwhile, Keagan and Kyle held it up for the rest of the Housemates in the kitchen as they prepared the fruits for the Cocktails Task.

Each Housemate has to make use of the fresh fruits provided at the juice bar set up by Coca-Cola to come up with three different juice blends each with a name and unique taste.

Should the Housemates be depressed or celebrating when they think of Sunday's StarGame Finale?

Video: Scary Thought!

By Lindiwe Nkonyane / DStv Online


  1. Oooh yeah..I would b depressed too..but if I ws to win the cash...waaaaaa ..no words!

  2. Knowing that people who do not entertain or put any effort are the ones walking with the money is depressing!!