Monday, July 30, 2012

Diary Room: Keagan's Running With The Baton

Keagan is excited to have managed to take the baton from Lee and run with it until the end.

During his first official Finalist Diary session, he told Biggie that he was glad that he had not let his partner down and also very proud of himself.

He added that he was prepared for all situations whether he was to leave or last but didn't want to watch the show from Homeville. He acknowledged the fact that he had lots of luck on his side and this week would be all about keeping himself busy.

"I want to occupy myself so the week goes fast and it's the first time in the show that I actually feel butterflies in my stomach," he confessed. He cited lots of determination, patience, passion, perseverance, goal and plan as prerequisites for any success.

Biggie then challenged him to be Prezzo just until tomorrow morning.

Video: Finalist Keagan is Floating!

By Lindiwe Nkonyane / DStv Online

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