Monday, July 23, 2012

Diary Room: Kyle Cries!

Kyle broke down into a heap of tears during his Diary Session.

Being Head of House is certainly no joke. Despite Wati being Head of House this week, Kyle is still dealing with the open scars from his tenure at the helm. The Ugandan Housemate is still beating himself up after his friend Keitta was Evicted last night, following his (Kyle's) decision to put him on the chopping block.

According to Kyle, he thought Keitta had a lot more fans. "I thought he would survive. I put him up because I thought he was strong. I feel terrible when I reflect on my decision. He looked so disappointed in me," Kyle said, fighting back tears. It all became too much for Kyle and he eventually broke down and cried. He asked for a moment to compose himself and clutched his head in his hands.

He broke down a couple more times during his Diary Session, until he decided he could not continue with the session any longer. "I just want to say I love him and I'm sorry," Kyle said.

Video: The tears of a man

By NgettyD / DStv Online


  1. U idiot, we are waiting for ur turn , stop crying foul uuuuuuuuu pretender or hope u also have stopped ur pride !!!!!!!!!backstabing preeezo....mmmmmmmh?

  2. Prezo's juju is really working...people want to eat Kyle alive!!