Monday, July 30, 2012

Diary Room: Kyle on An Emotional Ride

Kyle took Biggie on an emotional journey during his first Diary session as a StarGame Finalist.

"It means a lot to me because growing up, people didn't like me a lot," he said. He added that he battled a lot with his weight issues and "I sniffed on a lot of things and smoked on a lot of trees."

He added that his ways had led to him turning into a delinquent, being expelled from many schools and being on the wrong side of his family.

He was dumbfounded that there are people out there that really believe in him. "This has given me a reason to live. US$300 000 is a dream Biggie."

He went on to sing his StarGame partner, Jannette's praises; "she pushed me to this and I wish I could win this for us." Meanwhile, Kyle told Biggie that he had a hunch that Wati had put him up for possible Eviction but he had no hard feelings and decided to live it to Africa.

"I feel like this week will be a drag. I want to see people," he concluded.

However, Biggie was not done with him yet and challenged him to walk, talk and act like Talia at selected intervals until tomorrow morning with the prospects of getting a reward.

Video: Finalist Kyle is Humbled

By Lindiwe Nkonyane / DStv Online

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