Monday, July 30, 2012

Diary Room: Prezzo Goes Religious

Prezzo has been given a secret Task to act like Lady May until tomorrow morning.

During his first Diary session as a StarGame Finalist, Prezzo told Biggie that some of the Finalists were bound to crack under pressure this week but he didn't have anything to worry about. "I've never been HoH to save myself. It has just been God's work," he said.

Prezzo added that he suspected that Lady May, Talia, Keagan and Kyle would change this week to try and fish for Votes.

Asked what it takes to win, he cited determination, motivation and ultimate focus. His biggest challenge for the final week is that that "there will be five losers and one rich Housemate on Sunday."

Just before ending his Diary session, he told Biggie that Kyle was getting on his nerves because he is "selfish and dumb". Stealing from his Nigerian singer love-interest Goldie, he said he would speak, hear, see no evil. "I'm on Satan alert right now," he testified.

Meanwhile, he said he had already given Talia and Roki souvenirs but for everyone else, it would be "a Coke and a smile."

Video: Finalist Prezzo Speaks Out

Your Big Brother StarGame Finalists are Keagan, Kyle, Lady May, Prezzo, Talia and Wati. CLICK HERE to vote for your WINNER!

By Lindiwe Nkonyane / DStv Online

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