Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diary Room: Protection is Key

Lady May has told Biggie that she doesn't take kindly to Housemates using her name to campaign.

"Last night Jannette kept telling me how scared she was because she was nominated with me," Lady May said. She said it was a bit unfair because she viewed it as a kind of psychological strategy.

Meanwhile, the Housemates said they were excited about the week's One Campaign Task and were determined to win their Wager.

Wati said he was prepared to lead by example as HoH especially because he was no rookie to gardening. As if having a premonition, Kyle said it would be tough to have himself and Jannette up for possible Eviction and requested Africa to vote for them.

Video: Not My Name Please!

By Lindiwe Nkonyane / DStv Online

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