Monday, July 30, 2012

Diary Room: Wati's Happy He Broke Uganda

Wati was confident about his Save and Replace decision during his first official Finalist Diary session.

He said though Kyle was okay with being put up at first, he started to doubt him later. He said Jannette's over the top personality was her downfall and said the tiff between them had been a sore area ever since. "I lied when IK asked me about it and Jannette took advantage of that," Wati said.

While in Downville, Wati had claimed that Jannette had given him a hand job but Jannette denied it. So, at this point it's his word against hers and they are the only ones that know the truth.

"Maybe it was her strategy but it worked to my advantage," Wati said. He told Biggie that he suspects that Kyle, Prezzo and perhaps Lady May would change during this week.

"Everyone will change here or there but these will show more," Wati explained.
Meanwhile, he told Biggie that he had received some souvenirs from Keitta, Keagan, Talia and Junia and was still thinking about giving Talia his guitar because she asked for it.

Wati will have to act, talk and walk like Lady May until tomorrow morning.

Video: Mission Accomplished

By Lindiwe Nkonyane / DStv Online

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