Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Diary Room: What's Up With Talia and Keagan?

So what exactly is cooking between Talia and Keagan, even Big Brother wants to know.

Today the Big One himself pounced on the unsuspecting Zambian not long after she had entered the diary room wanting to know find out more from her about her spending so much time with the South African. The blushing StarGame beauty giggled before replying, “I don’t know, I just connect with him and Wati P also.”

Something else that Biggie wanted to find out from the Upville lass was whether or not she is still feeling anxious about life after StarGame, he dubbed her “worrisome Talia”. “I took a chill pill,” revealed the young StarGamer. “I have realised that I can’t spend all of my time worrying and stressed. I still have five more days inside of the House,” she explained. Good for you Talia for learning to just relax and enjoy the game.

As for the flirtatious friendship between Keagan and Talia we wonder what her man Seydou thinks about this…hmm.

Video: People are changing

By Lihle / DStv Online

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