Monday, July 23, 2012

Feature: Would You Date A Smoker?

Being in the garden outside of the Big Brother House probably feels a bit like standing inside a chimney as there is always someone puffing away.

Day or night it does not matter there is always at least on StarGamer with a ciggie glued to the hand. Over the past few weeks Africa has been privy to the extreme lengths that some our StarGame puffers will go to feed the craving, even smoking tea leaves. The Downville Housemates once even tried to revolt against Biggie due to a lack of ciggies.

While over the past 11 weeks we have become accustomed to seeing the guys light but more and more recently we have seen the girls, Talia and Jannette also join in on this daily ritual. It seems that of the remaining Housemates the only people that do not partake in this daily activity are Kyle and Lady May which puts them firmly in the minority and maybe great number of smokers in the House should not surprise us, according to Wikipedia there are more than one billion people in the world that smoke. Wowza that certainly is a lot of huffing and puffing.

With so many of the Housemates puffing away everyday this begs the question: Would you date a smoker?

Video: Puff and pass

By Lihle / DStv Online

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