Friday, July 27, 2012

HoH: Keagan Simply Seals The Deal

Just saw you know that he's been nailing these HoH Tasks, Keagan sealed the deal today.

He already holds the record of being StarGame's serial Head of House as the Housemate that has won the most HoH challenges. Today he wrapped it up and snatched the title for the final week of StarGame.

For the final HoH challenge, the Housemates had to randomly select one pom-pom of their choice, which were in different colours once revealed.

For some reason, Keagan was the only one who picked a yellow one while the rest of the Housemates each had either a blue or purple pom-pom.

It looks like mother luck has been on the South African Housemate's side, will he be as lucky in the finale and win the ultimate StarGame prize of US$ 300 000?

Video: Keagan Does it Again!

By Lindiwe Nkonyane / DStv Online

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  1. i just luv Keagan 4 dis,he's de real deal,is either he gets de moni or Talia if not Biola Alabi's defnitely gonna hve me to deal wit,teamkeagan,