Sunday, July 29, 2012

How Africa Voted - Week 12

Here is how Africa voted this week (29 July 2012) – We bid farewell to Jannette.

Here's who which country voted for:

Angola: Lady May
Botswana: Lady May
Ghana: Jannette
Kenya: Prezzo
Liberia: Prezzo
Malawi: Kyle
Namibia: Lady May
Nigeria: Kyle
South Africa: Kyle
Sierra Leone: Kyle
Tanzania: Prezzo
Uganda: Kyle
Zambia: Kyle
Zimbabwe: Lady May
Rest of Africa: Prezzo

Total: Kyle = 6; Lady May = 4; Prezzo = 4, Jannette = 1. (Total: 15 Votes)

Weekly Winners:
DStv Walka : Nicci Nthieanduwa - Namibia
Big Boy Scooter: Anne Frank – South Africa,
HD PVR Winner: Trishia Simelane – South Africa,
Nokia Phone Winners: Ama Chiraa (Nigeria), Tiosilia Iikela (Namibia), Fiina Nkandi (Namibia), Queen Moshoeu (Botswana), John Mafabi (Kenya).

via DStv Online


  1. am glad prezzo is doing fine,i hope he win

  2. Kyle will definitely loose 3 countries this week as RSA(Keagan),Malawi(Wati)and Zambia (Talia)will be voted for by their respective countries. So it's game on.

    1. sory der one, say nothing about kyle, his real and got brains plus game sory, kyle is up for game

  3. liberia,tanzania,rest of africa thnxs for keeping prezzo in the hse,pliz kip supporting kenya as we need this vote the most....this will be a tite one btwn prezzo and ladymay....TEAMPREZZO

  4. kyle has shown he is loved by africa, Africa thanks so much for saving kyle. i felt unhappy when jannette was leaving last night, bye to jannette, she was good. Now Africa lets give it to Kyle, he worths winning the BBA stargamer. please lets vote for KYLE...PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    1. yah uo right lets give it to kyle all the way from ug i am voting kyle,thenk u africa

  5. Rather Kyle win than Prezoo. Prezzo has destroyed so many potential winners, now he is just chilling in the house!!

    1. And another idiot opens the mouth and nothing but crap comes out!!!!!! How did he destroy anyone!!!! You will vanish is your own hate....

    2. Not even Prezzo's juju stick can make me takes an old idiot to recognise one!! Tired of abusive morons like you!!! Crap is what your Boy Prezzo talks all the time by the way...Idiot!!

  6. To be Fair Keagan deservs the money, never shaken by Prezzo.. carried Downville to the finishing line! The guy is still going STRONG!!!

  7. Taila Deservs the money

  8. presidente shake dem

  9. surely big brother africa will never be big without mr president, haters we need u so as prezzo to go further.