Monday, July 23, 2012

'I Have A Good Character' - Prezzo

“I have a good character,” Prezzo declared during his diary session earlier on today.

They may say vanity is one of the seven deadly sins but this clearly is not something that the Upville lad concerns himself about as it has become apparent that he is definitely not a man that is afraid of being accused of tooting his own horn. Today the rapper spent a good deal of his session singing his own praises. According to Prezzo while some of the other Housemates have been phony he has been nothing but real since day one, “I have just been the same person day in day out,” he said of himself to Biggie.

To close off the topic the Kenyan described himself as someone who always stays true to who he is. After the lengthy period of self-importance he then gossiped about Lady May. He dished to Big Brother about a time that he had apparently caught the Namibian talking to herself. Apparently when she realised that someone was at the door she then tried to cover up by acting like she was singing.

Well we must admit it is easy to believe Prezzo about Lady May speaking to herself, that lass has always come across as someone that is just a feathers short of cuckoo. But what about the rapper’s claims that he has never been phony in his tenure in StarGame, do you agree with him?

Video: I have always been true to myself

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