Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jannette Gets Poetic

With all of Jannette’s wild antics it can be a bit hard to fathom that once a born a time she was just an innocent wide-eyed little girl.

But early into this evening we got a glimpse of the angelic girl that used to be. The Ugandan was stricken by a bout of nostalgia of her early school days and so she decided to do a recital of her two poems from her childhood. Talia and Keagan were chosen as the audience for this poetic performance.

The first poem that she recited was about judgement day. She put on quite a show for her fellow StarGamers, as she accompanied every lyric with animated actions and even modified her voice for each of the characters in her poem. Afterwards she received a round applause from her audience and Keagan was particularly impressed that she could still remember all of the words so many years later. “You should use your memory for something constructive,” advised the South African.

Well, well it looks like Lola Fiercehas been banished for the night. But how long will it be until the frisky Upviller is back to her raunchy ways?

Video: Poetic little Jannette

By Lihle / DStv Online

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