Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jannette Throws Up!

Jannette clearly had a little too much to drink tonight.

After downing shot after shot this evening, things finally came to a head for little Jannette. The Ugandan lass stumbled out of the Jacuzzi, where she and the rest of the Housemates (excluding Prezzo and Lady May) had chosen to spend the rest of their evening.

She headed straight to the bedroom where she attempted to sleep. She quickly rolled out of bed and fell to her knees. After she was done throwing up, she attempted to clean the floor and then crawled back to her bed. Earlier, she showed off her butt crack when she stripped down to the bare minimums, for a dip in the jacuzzi.

Nomination's stress has definitely taken over. We hope little Jannette takes it easy!

Video: Letting it all hang out

By NgettyD / DStv Online

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