Monday, July 23, 2012

Jannette's Nomination Sorrow

Uh oh, tonight Jannette’s lucky Nomination streak in StarGame came to a screeching halt.

We all know how fragile and insecure the small princess is and tonight’s Nomination announcement has certainly not done anything to help the situation. Directly after the announcement the diminutive dame retreated to behind to lick her wounds as she felt her dream of making it to the finals slipping away. Her girl pal Talia did her best to try and cheer up her depressed friend even Prezzo did his best to lift her spirits. “You’re a strong African woman,” he told the young Upviller.

Up until tonight it had begun to look like the StarGame lass was immune from Nomination as the petite Ugandan managed to remain in the House for 11 weeks without ever being listed for possible Eviction but today her luck finally ran out.

Her first time on the chopping block is courtesy of Wati and Lady May. The Malawian Head of House chose to Nominate Jannette because of she had never been up for Eviction before. As for Lady May she accused the Ugandan of being part of an anti-Lady May campaign.

Her former StarGame partner Kyle has been faced the Eviction guillotine twice and escaped unscathed. The two are the only remaining pair left the game and now the two former partners will facing off against one another in the battle for Africa’s affections.

Can the Small Princess survive the dreaded Eviction chop?

Video: Nomination blues

By Lihle / DStv Online

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