Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Ideal Africa

If you had could be granted one wish that would turn Africa into the kind of place that you want it to be, what would you wish for it to be?

These was the underlying question that Housemates had to answer during their diary session as Biggie queried them one by one on what is their idea of an ideal Africa. “My ideal Africa is one where we can use the raw materials that we have to create something and we don’t have to export raw material that is manufactured elsewhere and they make a bigger profit from our resources,” shared Talia.

The Zambian made it quite clear that for her, the greatest change that she would like to see is for continent to become more self-sustainable and less dependent on foreign aid.

Another Housemate that shared their views of what is an ideal Africa was Keagan. For the South African the most important battle for Africans in the fight for change is to try and eradicate global hunger and poverty, “One thing that I would like to do is what the ONE campaign is doing because you need food to think properly.” He then added, “If you are at school and you have nothing to eat you can’t concentrate properly and eventually that can decrease your determination.”

What is your ideal Africa?

Video: I want us to be self sustainable

By Lihle / DStv Online

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