Monday, July 23, 2012

Prezzo Betrayed Me - Goldie

Nigeria’s last representative at the Big Brother Africa StarGame, Goldie has been under heavy criticism for the past few weeks, following her activities while she lasted in the reality show. The singer who was evicted on Sunday, July 15, 2012 arrived Nigeria Wednesday night and was at a press briefing on Thursday where she addressed all issues concerning her quest in South Africa, comparing herself to other entertainers most especially Beyonce who according to her, is an opposite of what she represents on stage.

She also tendered an unreserved apology to Nigerians, saying that the speculation about her character and activity in the house were far from the truth. "I didn’t go to the BBA  house as Goldie, I actually went there as Susan. Personally, I didn’t go there with any strategy, I went in there to be myself. I have two facets to myself, on the TV, I am the entertainer and in the BBA house, I was Susan that’s me."
Read her story…

Everything that happened between you and Prezzo, would you say it was a strategy you used or your real self because it did not go down well with a lot of your fans.?
First of all, going into a place like Big Brother house, where you come in contact with people you don’t know, people you have never met before in your life. Personally, I didn’t go into the house to perform, I went there as Susan. I went into the house to be myself , I went there as an individual, and I didn’t go there to perform on stage as Goldie. I went there  as Susan.

Secondly, I’m a true Lagosian, and as an artiste and songwriter who should be able to convey emotions through her music to her fans.

And if you are not an emotional person, you cannot write a good song that people can relate with at the emotional level. So, being emotional is an integral part of who I am. Fortunately, my fans get to know that I’m a human being as well, and not only Goldie, they used to watch on screen. They just saw the human side of me and this is very positive thing because when I write my song people can relate with my emotion.

Talking about strategy, I went into the house without any strategy. And as for my relationship with Prezzo, I am an extra emotional person and as for Prezzo, I came to care for him very much. What I saw was that he was a calm person and what I saw was a calm person and he appeared intelligent. You had the option of 50 cameras, I had only two eyes and two ears and I believed in what I saw

What did you miss most, while you were in the BBA house?
I missed a lot of things, I missed  my music because I’m a performer, I perform to make people happy. Also, communication with my family and my beloved ones.

Your brand name as Goldie is at stake after your outing at this year’s BBA, how do you intend to manage your music career. Do you want to come back as Susan that people have seen, or your brand name -Goldie?
I’m a human being. I have two faces to myself. What you see at home is the entertainer, and what you saw at home in the BBA is Susan.  Every artiste has two faces. Beyonce, for example when you see her on stage doing all those things, she is in control of the situation, she’s confidence and remain herself. You can imagine what is like at home in her quiet time.

Granting interviews, her voice is so soft, and sometimes, she doesn’t like to speak.  You never get to see that side of her life because she would not be in the BBA house.  Imagine late Michael Jackson dancing on stage and doing all those stuff. In his quiet time , he was a soft-spoken human being.

All artistes that I know are people who are opposite of what they are while on stage. I’m sorry if people expected the Goldie they see on television everyday to be in that house. I tend my unreserved apology to Nigerians. But honestly, one couldn’t go on everyday without breaking down because that is not how I am at home. Personally I went there to be my myself

When you realised that the man you gave(Prezzo) your heart was the one that stabbed you at the back, did you feel disappointed, betrayed or disillusioned?

Prior to my participating in this year’s BBA, I have been a very big fan of the reality show. BBA is a strong platform to fame, and unfortunately, due to the nature of my work, I have never get glued to my television set to watch the reality show. So, I went into the house as a  novice because I have never  seen a single episode of  the show. When I heard everything he said, I was sad but I realise he went into the house to play a game which I didn’t. I  have learnt my lesson and I am stronger for it.

What will happen to your relationship with Prezzo, especially now that you have been evicted?
No one knows tomorrow, when I was entering BBA house I never knew that I was not going to stay till the end of the show. But one thing I know is that I’m someone who does not hold grouses. Nobody knows why you fall in love with someone. You see something in someone you feel you can connect with.

Where you surprised when you were evicted from the house?
Was I surprised? Yes, because when IK showed me the nomination, everybody had six, eight  nominations, but I had only two. At that point, I started wondering that how can I with the least nomination survive eviction. I was very surprised because I did not see it coming at all.

Though I had the highest votes, the problem was that didn’t cut across the continent. My country voted for me. I had 15,000 votes, while the second person, Lady May  had 13,000 votes. But his votes were spread across six countries of Africa, while mine was only my country and Liberia.

Assuming you won the show, what would have used the money for?
Invest in property as well in education. I love to establish a school as a way of giving back to the society.

While you were in the house, you found difficult to open up yourself properly. Why was it so?
My moral upbringing or background didn’t allow me to express certain things in the house. Those things doesn’t appeal to me as a person. That’s is not how I am brought up.

Everybody saw when I asked Prezzo why he was separated from his wife for over two years. And I even asked him if was sure that he wouldn’t want to reconcile with his wife because of his child. I remember it the early stage of our stay in the house. And he replied, saying that he had wanted to  reconcile with her, he would have done that two years ago. But now, he would never go back to her.

Are sure Prezzo will not miss you?
Why will he miss? Prezzo was playing a game, and I wasn’t. So, why do you think he will miss me?

What are the qualities that you saw in Prezzo that made you to fall in love with him?
(screamed!) fall in love? If I was in love with him, I would have been all over him, kissing and hugging him. Also, I would have been doing all the things that lovers do with him. I wasn’t all over him, and more over, I only cared for him.

Could you share some of the experiences you had while in the house?
Exciting and memorable. I enjoyed being part of the housemates because I met people from other African countries. I learnt their culture and music, even their national anthems. I leant how to be tolerant and courageous. I’m the only housemates that won the head of the house for three consecutive times.

Now that you are back, what’s the next level for you?
I want to continue with my music. Obviously, I left a lot of things to go into the BBA house. So, I’m going to continue on my tour, put  up a studio and hopefully record about my experience in the house.  I want to do collaborations with African artistes. That is uppermost in my mind. I have met a lot of artistes now, and my mindset is broaden when it comes to African music. I want to record and do collaborations with African artistes.

By Benjamin Njoku / Vanguard