Thursday, July 26, 2012

Prezzo Is A Nervous Wreck

StarGame’s Masai warrior trembling in his boots… Who ever thought that we would see the day?

But alas even the mighty do fall from time to time and for Prezzo the Eviction jitters are starting to get the best of him. The Starmate is up on the Eviction chopping block once again this week and despite having faced the Eviction chop many times before, only to escape unscathed, this time though the celebrity Housemate is truly feeling the pressure. “It crazy, it’s nerve wrecking,” the Kenyan shared with Jannette.

According to the rapper this week’s Nomination feel different than the rest because it is so close to the finals. The young Ugandan who is also one of the Nominees this week also shared the rappers sentiments. “This week’s elimination really hurts because you can’t help but think that finals are just next Sunday,” she told him.

Whether Prezzo or Jannette make it to the finals that is up to Africa to decide, so keep on voting for your favourite Housemate.

Video: It's nerve wrecking

By Lihle / DStv Online


  1. Prezzo is not trembling I heard the conversation he hag with Talia, its just that the writer of the story does not like the President PREZZO, she will stop at nothing to whip negative sentiment about PREZZO. Prezzo is staying unless you rig the votes!!!!!!

    1. True, we are behind matter what.haters feel that!!!!