Monday, July 30, 2012

Prezzo's BBA Magic Stick! How He Survived Yet Another Eviction As Jannette Was Booted Out

Some call him ‘humty dumpty’. Others call him 'fish lips' or 'grandpa'. But no matter what you call Prezzo, the Kenyan musician in Big Brother StarGame has survived all the evictions.

Lady May and Prezzo account for the highest number of nominations for eviction since BBA StarGame started. Uganda’s Jannette was evicted on Day 84 after she failed to get the required number of votes to save her from getting evicted.

Information gathered shows that Prezzo has at least a chance to be the winner of the $300,000 star prize at the BBA grand finale due to take place on Sunday, August 5, 2012. To date, Prezzo remains the most hated housemate in the Big Brother StarGame reality show taking place in South Africa, going by viewers comments on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

But why is Prezzo whose real name is Jackson Makini, still in the house? one may ask. Could it be that he is better than the rest who have fallen by the way long before now?
Trust me, no one could say for sure. But one thing is clear is that he has his master-plan well executed since the beginning of the StarGame. Another thing that is obvious here is that Prezzo has dedicated followership. Even those who hate him still want to see more of him.

So what is Prezzo’s secret magic in the Big Brother house? No one can say, but if you ask us, it is all in his mouth! By the way, does he think about the time she spent with Goldie, whispering sweet nothings to each other! 

Any plan for Prezzo to go visit Goldie in Nigeria now that it's obvious that he was only playing along with the Lady Gaga’s alter ego? Well, only time will tell.

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  1. just Informing Nigerians and South Africans that we can too vote thats exactly what we are doing.N dont forget this we have swagger too