Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Task: Liquid Chefs

Liquid chefs are what the Housemates have become for the evening. For their latest Task the StarGamers will each have to concoct mouth-watering beverages.

Each Housemate has to make use of the fresh fruits provided at the juice bar set up by Coca-Cola to come up with three different juice blends each with a name and unique taste.

The Upville garden looked much like a scene straight out of a Hawaiian movie set with the Housemates donned in tropical print shirts and bikini tops all that was missing was for them to shout out Aloha(the Hawaiian greeting).

While most of the Housemates have yet to begin with their Task, Kyle on the other hand already knows exactly what he wants to call one of his juices, Orgasmic Juice. Errm, well okay then. We have no idea what flavours the Ugandan will be using to come up with that concoction.

Video: Let's get juicy

By Lihle / DStv Online

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