Saturday, July 28, 2012


The Upville House seemed more like a vampire sanctuary this morning as the Housemates chose to seek refuge from the sunlight.

On this beautiful sunny Saturday morning many of the StarGamers remained tucked under their blankets even the loud music that echoed throughout the House could not disturb their deep sleep. But the epic lethargy that has grappled all of the Housemates is not surprising considering the lively night that they had yesterday.

From Lady May and Jannette’s sexy dance routine to the Housemates botched diary room takeover and the boys' own sweat-inducing dance session the night was chockfull of fun. They also stayed up until the early morning chatting about anything and everything under the sun and this morning it is clear that the Housemates are feeling the effects of too much of a good thing.

Well it is best that they recharge their systems for now as later no it will be party time again. Tonight’s party will feature Uganda's DJ Pita and we can’t wait to see the StarGamers doing what they do best, shaking what their mama’s gave them.

By Lihle / DStv Online

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