Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Video: Kyle Is Suffocating Me

[Day 79: 11:15] Prezzo, Keagan and Wati are having a cigarette outside. In between talking about the Task and some being able to draw, Prezzo shares with the boys that he feels Kyle is suffocating him. What does he mean?


  1. There is enough space for every one in the house. But if that ain't enough for you Mr, we still have more than you expect out here. We await your voluntary return.

  2. Prezzo wants East and West African votes and his juju stick will deal wit Kyle like it did with the rest. He is desparate and can no longer hide it. Now he is talking loud, he knows exactly what he means. Malonza was a pontential...Prezzo was heard shouting in his dream Malonza Malonza!!