Saturday, July 28, 2012

We Are The Stars

The show is called StarGame after all so it is little wonder that these Housemates feel entitled to shine in the spotlight.

Early this afternoon Kyle, Prezzo and Jannette took to the garden to put on an impromptu Big Brother Africa concert and quite a show did they put on. StarGame’s own ‘Prezzident of Cool’, Prezzo kicked things off with a performance of his own track ‘4 Sho 4 Shizzy’ while Kyle played his hype man. This track is clearly one of the rapper’s favourite as he often used the lyrics, “My love for you is true, my love for you real,” to his former StarGame sweetheart Goldie.

As for Kyle the Upville lad was obviously not going to let himself be outdone and so he then took centre stage for his own garden performance. Prezzo quickly fell to the background and returned the favour by playing the Ugandan’s hype man. Meanwhile little Jannette took the role of back up dancer, with poms poms in hand for added effect.

Video: 4 Sho 4 Shizzy

By Lihle / DStv Online

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