Sunday, August 05, 2012

Big Brother StarGame Snippets

If only IK Osakioduwa knew that his 'harmless' question to Keagan would bring about a 'love fiasco', he would have thought twice. "Keagan, if you were to go out with any housemate in the house, who will it be?" IK called out. Keagan had no hesitations in his reply: "Talia".

Before long Keagan was coming to the aid of his eyeball when Prezzo picked on her. Later, the once focused SA lad was in tears as he lay in bed with Talia.

His object of love had refused to give him a kiss. Oh, Oh! Before you could say Jack Robinson, the kissing was no longer an issue: it was freely given and freely received. The jacuzzi, kitchen and bedroom had familiar faces all through Thursday and Friday: Talia and Keagan.

Did anyone forget Angola's Seydou, Talia's first love on the show? Keagan did, so did Talia - after some initial gra gra. Viewers had no choice but wish them best of luck as they made plans to take their love story outside the show. Take heart Seydou, easy come, easy go.

It's nearly for Jannette

Uganda's Jannette was the victim of nearly is never enough. The petite lass was evicted from the Show just ahead of the final week. Painful and sad, fittingly described her exit. But she took it so well.

She had a meltdown from the moment she was announced as one of the nominees for possible evictions. She overcame her meltdown and gave viewers a taste of sassy entertainment. She made many doubters think twice of her talents.

Her 1 country vote were no match to that of country-mate Kyle (6 countries), Prezzo (4 countries) Lady May (4 countries) and she was thus evicted. Gracias senorita, your mom is definitely proud of you (without the liquor troubles though).

Is Africa jealous of South Africa?

If South Africa does not win Big Brother StarGame today (as expected by many non-SA fans), the perennial backlash from SA is expected.

When Barbz, the SA leggy model was evicted, her countrymen did not take it lightly. Of course, they believe that Keagan would win the game. But Big Brother Africa is won by country votes, and that's where the snag lies.

Many African countries can't stand the continuous insults and disrespect they have received from some SA fans. So their only way to pay back is to ensure that they work against an SA victory by not voting for them at any point. Too bad?

By Boboye Onduku / Leadership - Nigeria

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