Thursday, August 02, 2012

Blame It On The House

What do you do after a night of heavy drinking that resulted in you making a fool of yourself in front of millions of viewers in Africa?

Well if you are Prezzo you blame it all on the pressures of being in the Big Brother Africa House. Today the rapper did his best to try and justify his actions from last night when he not only got into a drunken feud with Talia but also drunkenly tumbled into the jaccuzi. “On the outside, if I speak for myself, I would drink but I wouldn’t act the fool. But in this frikkin House…” he explained. “It’s the pressure from being locked up,” Talia tried to reason.

The rapper also tried to defend his pottymouth by telling Talia that he did not call her the B-word last night but that he instead called her a “trick”. “It’s the same thing,” Talia snipped. The rapper tried to make light of the situation by saying, “No tricks are things for kids.” Try as you may Prezzo to deflect the attention off you and your boozing antics, it’s too little too late Africa has already seen you acting the fool. It’s pretty clear now that it is not just the mischievous Downvillers that don’t know how to hold their liquor. Naughty, naughty Prezzo.

By Lihle / DStv Online


  1. Not even Propaganda will stop Prezzo votes.. we are used to that are simply wasting your have exactily three days to come up with something more convincing!

  2. What propaganda are you talking about??? Africans are not stupid...Prezzo is a typical abuser!! You are just like Prezzo shifting the blame instead of owning up to the truth. Prezzo gets Tipsy and go after competition and then apologises to make himself look good...typical ABUSER its never his fault... what an excuse of an old man!!