Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bubbly, Enigmatic Lady May Is Back Home

Lady May arrived back in Namibia on Tuesday after her successful participation in the Big Brother StarGame where she competed against 34 contestants from all over African for the fabulous winner-takes-all prize of N$2.4 million and just, just fell short of the jackpot.

She survived numerous evictions and nearly scooped the US$300 000 (N$2.4 million) in prize money as she made it to the last three, before she was finally shown the exit. Lady May found herself fighting to be crowned the Big Brother winner this year, but her chances were crushed when Kenya's rapper Prezzo and South Africa's Keagan knocked her out of the running for the estimated N$2.4 million prize.

Keagan eventually won the grand prize and was crowned this year's Big Brother StarGame season 7 winner walking away with the pot of gold. She was able to survive two other Namibians in the house, Jessica and Junia, and hung on for the full 91 days against all odds until Sunday's grand finale.

Speaking at a press conference at the five-star Hilton hotel in the city, Lady May spoke a little about herself and her experience in the house, which presented a stark contrast to her image as the performer/entertainer on stage, which Namibians have come to love and hate.

"I personally made the choice to be good and I thought to myself - if that will get me out of the house in the first week, then so be it.

It's good to misbehave sometimes, but I chose to be the good Lady May that I am when I'm home and not on stage," she said.

She said upon hearing that she was out of the running for the money during last Sundays grand finale, she was still trying to get her head around it and decided to strut herself on stage wearing an eye catching number that was vintage Lady May in her element.

"The biggest challenge while in the house was that I normally like my space and being by myself and all of a sudden I had to share that space with people and learn to get along with them. It was not easy," she said.

She said the choice to show the other side of Lady May was due to recent events where people thought that she was the fiery, extrovert and electrifying diva that they have come to know.

"Even my family knows I like my space. The thing is that I couldn't go to everyone and explain to them who I am. By being who I really was in the house, I got to show people who I am when I'm not on stage," she said.

According to Lady May, she often found it hard to deal with the housemates who wanted to get the better of her by provoking her at every turn.

"I was calm all the way and I overheard housemates many times talking about me and if the cameras could pick up the web they had spun around me then people would understand what I am talking about," she said.

Lady May cannot wait to make the Big Brother experience count for her and to grab whatever opportunity comes around. One thing she misses the most are the sessions in the diary room with Big Brother.

"Biggie was just so funny and he was my closest friend in the house, because when I entered I had said that I didn't want any emotional connection with anyone in there and that's how it was," she said.

Story by Vimbai Karumazondo / New Era - Windhoek, Namibia



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