Thursday, August 02, 2012

Daybreak: Half Naked Keagan Cries In Talia's Arms

There is no room for egos when it comes to love or so it seems. In the wee hours of the morning StarGame bad boy Keagan finally let down his guard and cried in Talia’s arms as the two lay in her bed.

The South African also happened to be half naked at the time and just moments before he tried his luck with the Zambian by kissing on her neck and hinting at more but unfortunately for him he was greeted by a cold serving of rejection. From the looks of things the rejection was just too much for the Upville lad to bear as he starting getting emotional and eventually shed tears and wiped his eyes. The only other time we have ever seen the South African crying was when the Housemates all got sentimental messages from their loved ones back home so clearly being with Talia means quite a lot to him.

While she may have rejected his advances from before it seems that the display of vulnerability worked like a charm as the two started to get quite cosy and were engrossed in a tender moment as the StarGame lass lovingly brushed his face with her hands. The whole entire time the two stared into each others eyes and whispered at each other. Wowza, what is going on between these?

Video: Could this be love?

By Lihle / DStv Online


  1. Please dnt cry,half naked o

  2. Is it possible to love two pple at one go? Coz Talis seems to be in love with both guys, seydou and keagan!

  3. Talia let them compete and the deserving one must put a ring on IT!!! You are not married and what if Keagan is the right one??