Thursday, August 02, 2012

Diary Room: I Feel Guilty

Keagan or Seydou that is the question that burns in Talia’s heart.

Today the Zambian made a confession to Big Brother about her state of mind over the love triangle that she has landed herself in. The young StarGamer dropped a bombshell in the diary room when she admitted that her frustration over her mixed feelings partly fuelled her heated argument with Prezzo last night because she was feeling already feeling fragile and when the rapper called her a b***h that was the final straw. “I am feeling guilty about the whole Keagan/Seydou situation and I kind of lashed out at him,” she admitted.

After the two got cosy in the wee hours of the morning and Keagan cried in her arms, this afternoon Big Brother was more than a little curious about what exactly is the next step in the Keagan/Talia saga.

The Upville dame was quite apprehensive at first about answering his questions but eventually she replied: “I will just go with my gut feeling.” But as for what exactly that gut feeling is telling her the StarGamer refused to fess up. “Don’t ask me what is my gut feeling,” she insisted. Well, well playing it coy then are we Talia?

Do you think Keagan and Talia should make things official between them?

Video: Keagan or Seydou?

By Lihle / DStv Online


  1. honestly Talia is exactly what presso called her and i like presso for always hitting the nail on the head in every given situation,Talia just proof to every one that she is not the kind of girl any decent guy will want ,maybe Seyido should give it a serious though before taking the girl in.

  2. Prezzo wanted to hit on Zainab with Goldi in the house pleaseeee! Pot calling Kettle Black?? What has talia done wrong?? She just admitted that maybe her feelings for the Angolan were not strong. They only knew each other for less than a month.