Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Did Keitta's 'Lucky Jacket' Really Make Keagan Win Big Brother StarGame?

The winner of Big Brother StarGame, Keagan revealed in an interview with Peace FM that he won the $300,000 cash prize with a ‘lucky Jacket’ given to him by Ghanaian housemate Keitta before he left the house. According to Keagan, Keita described the jacket as his lucky jacket before handing it over to the South African.

“Keitta gave me that jacket as a special gift and it has always remained dear to my heart. That was the only thing I wanted to wear because I remembered Keitta when my name was mentioned. Keitta is one of the people I will never forget in the BBA house”.

The rebellious lad confessed that he was very confused when host IK, announced him as the winner. “I was very surprised, I was shocked and confused; there was mixed reaction in my mind and so I didn’t know what to do. I was extremely surprised”.
Keitta and Mildred

It has also been revealed that  said ‘lucky jacket’ originally belonged to Keitta’s big brother and founder of hiplife,  Reggie Rockstone. The veteran rapper has worn the same jacket in two of his music videos after which he handed it over to Keitta and since then Keitta calls it his lucky jacket and he decided to take it to the BBA house.

Keitta brought the same jacket on stage the first time he came up for eviction with his girlfriend Mildred (Eazzy) and Africa saved him. Perhaps he under estimated the power of his jacket or was too confident of staying throughout the Big Brother StarGame, that’s why he gave his lucky charm away!

Credit: Peace FM - Ghana

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