Thursday, August 09, 2012

Does Your Big Brother Vote Really Count?

Even though Big Brother StarGame come to an end on Sunday evening, there are still many who do not understand how exactly the voting system for the show worked. The following SMS was received from a reader about the way the voting works.

"This Big Brother voting system must change. Namibia also stood a chance to win this time around, but because we are few population wise, we lost. So, I think it is not fair to rely so much on the current country vote system. Please BBA, do something."

When contacted for a response MultiChoice Namibia's PR and Communication manager Claudia Blohm explained in detail how the SMS Big Brother Africa voting system worked.

She explained that viewers vote to keep the housemate they wish to see stay in the Big Brother house - regardless of the participant's country of origin. Each of these "country" votes count as one vote. The remaining countries votes form the 15th vote. The housemate with the least number of country votes (out of the 15 votes) leaves the house. Even where the participant from one specific country has been evicted, the viewers from that country will still be able to participate in the game and vote.

In the final week, viewers are asked to vote for their favourite housemate from those who are left in the house. In the event that there is a deadlock between two or three nominees, the actual votes from each of the 15 regions are added together in order to ascertain who stays and who goes. She further advised that if people have enquires regarding the voting they can visit the Big Brother Africa website as it gives a clear explanation of all the aspects of the show.

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