Sunday, August 05, 2012

Feature: Shout Out From Ex-Housemates

They were so near yet so far, the last six Housemates to be Evicted from StarGame send word to the Finalists:


"I've already done my part in the House, so I didn't vote. But Africa must do their part and vote for whoever they love."
"Everyone has fans, not just the Upvillers. You will also have haters because different people see you differently in the House"


"I hope that whoever wins won’t blow the money, but rather use it such that in 20 years from now, they will remember that it started with Big Brother Africa."
"May the human being with the best heart win"
"Never forget who you are, people change but you must be your own constant."


"I’m supporting Prezzo of course because he's from Kenya."
"I don't know what Talia was thinking about this relationship with Keagan."


"Obviously I'm supporting Kyle!" I am so proud of him, and he means so much to me."
"Keagan, I'm crossing fingers!!"
"The world is waiting for you all!"


"Lady May is my StarMate. She is Namibian, my home country, and she is a strong contestant."
"All of you (Housemates) have been yourselves and keep doing what you believe in. Its ok to be selfish and do whatever makes you happy."


"My people are all Team Keagan and Team Wati, they are my favourite Housemates. I have no problems with Kyle, but they are my favourites"
"I can't wait to party hard with Keagan and Wati."

So much love from their former Housemates, let's hope Africa did the right thing and put up the deserving StarMate for the coveted US$300 000.

via DStv Online

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