Thursday, August 02, 2012

'F*#k Seydou' - Wati

Wati has strong feelings regarding the Talia, Keagan and Seydou triangle.

Whilst Talia and Keagan kissed in the jacuzzi, Prezzo, Kyle and Wati discussed the predicament that everyone has found themselves in. Kyle, who also has a thing for Talia, told the boys "I love Talia but I think she made a big mistake. You don't know Seydou. He is going to be mad. All hell will break loose on Sunday," he told Prezzo.

Wati on the other hand is on his friend Keagan's side. "F*#k Seydou. Obviously a better man won. He and Talia's relationship was unhealthy. He was very controlling. There are plenty fish in the sea. Flying fish, cat fish and mad fish," Wati said.

According to Kyle, Seydou and Keagan did not get along at all in Downville and when he left, he was close to punching Keagan. "They don't like each other at all and I bet you sparks will fly, if they see each other on Sunday. Something will pop off. Wati, you just might get a punch too," Kyle said.

Video: F*#k Seydou

By NgettyD / DStv Online


  1. Talia has forgotten about him (Seydou) i dint see the pictures this morning i remember at 3am Keagan asked her and she said Seydou is no more......... so Wati P big it up to u man for being honest and true to yr friend its hard to find friends like you in this world.............mad fish flying fish, cat fish dog fish oopsss. Kyle is worried over nothing wasnt even close to seydou the way he claims its just that the right man won the gal that all wanted.......

  2. Talia does nat know what she realy wants and is in a pool of confustion,i gues her sister why right after all.