Friday, August 17, 2012

For A Moment I Thought I Had Won - Prezzo

Jackson Makini did Kenya proud at Big Brother Africa StarGame and as he returned home last week, his status has grown beyond Kenya’s borders. Finds out what’s next for the ‘President’.

Congratulations and welcome back

Thank you and I want to thank all those who voted and represented Kenya to the fullest.

Okay, you are very close to your mother, what is she saying now?

She is proud of me as ever.

Even with the fights you had with DKB and Barbz?

She knows I am a human being and sometimes we get to disagree with people. But the most important thing is how we deal and solve the issues later.

So you don’t feel like you disappointed her in anyway?

I was with God throughout my stay in the house so it was hard for me to disappoint her. She has always been my number one supporter. We talked about the show before I actually got in and so my conscience was clear on what I was doing in the house.

You kept on talking about your daughter while in the house. Why was that?

She is beautiful and she kept me going. Every time I looked at her picture, I just got this strength to go on with the show to the end. The housemates kept on reminding me how beautiful she is.

You fell in love with Goldie while in the house. What of your marriage?

I’ve been married but I’m currently going through a separation. My daughter and mum are the world to me.

Goldie said she still cared about you immediately she left the house. Do you feel the same way?

Yes. I’m not done with Goldie, she is a great person with a great heart. We are definitely going to do a song together and see what happens next. So expect to see Goldie in Kenya soon.

Who was your biggest competition?

Lady May from Namibia. She was behaving like a tortoise, hiding in the shell and keeping in her own space. She never let people know her true self and that was very dangerous.

How did you feel being left with Lady May and Keagan in the top three?

I knew Keagan was going out next and the money was either going to Namibia or home. But I was very shocked when Lady May left next. I knew I was stronger that Keagan, so for a moment, I thought I had won.

And how do you feel not winning the money?

The cash in the pocket is quite something but I’m glad I represented my country well. Sometimes you have to look beyond the cash and fight for your country.

Then why are you telling people to forgive Alex, who put you up for eviction twice?

Because he is a human being and when he came to Upville, he saw Prezzo. He probably wanted to get me out of his way, which he didn’t succeed, but human is to error.

Being the ambassador of the ONE campaign to fight poverty in Africa, what does it mean to you?

I haven’t received the official communication from the ONE International, but I know that if I use the opportunity well, I will do much better that Keagan. For instance, I can’t wait to go to the Jay Z concert later this month. It will be a great opportunity for me I know.

Which video are you planning to release now?

I want to shoot ‘My City My Town,’ the collabo with Cannibal, and I need it released as soon as possible. But there are many songs coming up too, which will cut across Africa.

By John Muchiri / Daily Nation - Kenya


  1. haters keep hating, prezzo is an ambassador and u r not. congrats prezzo

  2. Pompous like luclay that's why u did not win. Atleast clayton was a gentleman

  3. So glad to hear U̶̲̥̅̊ speak well on dis interview abt my Sis frm anoda mother.