Thursday, August 02, 2012

Go For It

As a man that suddenly finds yourself battling feelings for a girl that is your close friend, to whom do you turn to for answers?

Well, your boys of course and that is just what Keagan did this afternoon. The lovesick South African whose feelings for Talia have finally come to the forefront for all to see turned to Prezzo and Wati for advice.

“Go for it,” insisted the rapper, who knows all too well about love inside of the Big Brother Africa House as he spent most of his time in Upville as part of StarGame’s most tumultuous couple, PreGo up until Goldie was Evicted. When the South African revealed that he would just rather let her come to him, the Kenyan advised him against this and insisted that he go after her. “I can tell you already that this is a bull’s eye,” he claimed.

Contrary to Prezzo’s advice, Wati advised the South African to be cautious in how he handles this situation due to the fact that he and Seydou were not on the best of terms when the Angolan left and by him pursuing Talia it might look like he is just trying to get payback.

Whose advice should Keagan take Prezzo or Wati?

Video: It's a bull's eye

By Lihle / DStv Online

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