Friday, August 24, 2012

Goldie's Response To Prezzo's Being In Nigeria

We all know Prezzo is in Nigeria and he says he went to apologise to Nigerians to look for Goldie.

So yesterday, someone asked Goldie on Twitter that: "Good afternoon madam, is it true that Prezzo is in town?"
And Goldie's reply was: "I also heard the pope is catholic. Is it true?"

Hmm Goldie Harvey can be quite comical :)


  1. comon Goldie... He is there for you... He didnt stay back and bla bla bla... He came all the way though... have him back please ...please 24K

  2. aa u now gonna act tough Goldie?

  3. goldie my darling now is the time to look forward u are one step nearer walk tall i am proud to be your fan prezzo spits through your face so keep it up your lady like behavour and be proud to be an african woman i love u ncesh from sa I READ IN ONE OF KEAGANS INTERVIEW THAT U ARE ONE OF HIS FAVOURITE PEOPLE HE WISH TO KNOW BETTER IN BIGGIES HOUSE SO THE TIME WAS TO SHORT TO KNOW U IAM SURE ONE DAY YOU WILL COME TO SA FOR A VISIT BARBS WILL BE SO HAPPY TO SEE U AGAIN