Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I Feel Bad For Prezzo - Jaguar

Kigeugeu hit singer Jaguar is among the majority of Kenyans disappointed by Prezzo's loss to South Africa's Keagan in Big Brother StarGame.

Jaguar who has been campaigning for Prezzo on Social media, says that he even voted for his rival severally. "I really wanted Prezzo to win so that we could take this to another level. I really feel bad for him that he lost not only three months in the house but also that he did not get the money. However all is not lost, he can still come back continue doing music or even start acting," Jaguar said.

On the other hand despite missing the money by a whisker, Prezzo’s stars are shinning brighter as he was announced Celebrity Ambassador for the ONE Campaign, an organisation which campaigns to fight extreme poverty and global diseases. As part of his status as the Ambassador, he will attend and perform at a Jay-Z concert later in August.

By Catherine Mukei / the Star - Kenya


  1. jaguar just shut up..u cant be on the same level with prezzo! he's anicon, u are not!

  2. Jaguar you are way too low compared to prezzo.

  3. Prezzo is real and intellegent. East Africa loves you president.

  4. Jaguar we shall put you in your place.LOL