Monday, August 13, 2012

I Learnt Tolerance - Lady May

Big Brother StarGame reality series finalist Lady May has said her participation in the TV show has strengthened her personality as a performer and entertainer.

Lady May was the last woman standing and is the second Namibian housemate to survive until the end of the show, though she eventually finished third. The only other housemate who went that far was Eddie in Season 4 of Big Brother Africa.

The Namibian returned after a 91-day spell in the Big Brother House in Johannesburg, South Africa to joyous welcome by family and friends at Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek last Tuesday.

South Africa’s Keagan was declared winner of the seventh season of the popular television reality series that ended on August 5, 2012.

On August 5, Wati was the first of the final six to be evicted followed by Kyle, Talia, Lady May and Prezzo. This left Keagan as the last man standing with seven votes.

He was handed a winner's cheque - a cool US$300 000 (some R2.4 million).

Lady May, real name Martha Namundjembo, said she enjoyed her stay and experience in the BBA House.

She said Big Brother Africa was the beginning of new ventures in her music career.

“My participation in the Big Brother House was not entirely about the money. Yes, I would have loved to win but being in the house for all of Africa to see was worth as much gold. I enjoyed it,” she said at a Press conference a day after her return home.

Lady May now wants to ensure her newly-found fan base across the continent is proud of supporting her.

“I think everything else will fall in place after Big Brother. Hopefully a lot of gigs will come my way.

“I am open to work with anyone, so anyone who wants to work with Lady May can get in touch with the Big Brother crew to have my contact details,” she said.

The award-winning singer said she is going to miss the diary sessions with Big Brother, “because that is what I enjoyed most”.

Lady May also revealed that for the 91 days in the house, she did not “fall into temptation” and developed no strong feelings for the other participants.

Lady May said being a “good girl” in Big Brother was not a strategy to win the game but was just a show of her real character, unlike the wild Lady May that people see on stage.

“I know that (some) people were saying I am too boring because I don’t mingle with others, which is not the fact.

“To tell you the truth, I can be boring sometimes but I am not too boring. Yes, being a good person can sometimes be boring because you will refuse to associate yourself with people that smoke or drink alcohol,” she said.

“I personally think those 91 days were specially chosen to test the true character of an individual.

“It is hard to pretend for all those days. There is no way you can live up to 91 days without touching alcohol or smoking a cigarette,” she said.

Lady May’s expression “I don’t believe in sex, I believe in love-making” has become a favourite quote among Big Brother fans.

“I enjoyed daily sessions - Big Brother is very funny and very smart at the same time.

“I was once disappointed when Big Brother cancelled my daily session with no particular reason because he was the only person that normally put a smile on my face.”

She thanked all the people who supported her to the very end of the show.

Lady May said staying in the house was not easy as she had to learn to live with people from diverse backgrounds.

She said the competition has taught her how to appreciate other people and show them respect: “I learned how to tolerate other people.”

What did she miss most while in the show? 
Performing on stage, her family and friends, as well as kapana (roasted meat sold at Namibia’s open market).

To the question why she used to exercise in high heels, Lady May said she always feels comfortable when in such shows, which is why she also performs in heels.

Courtesy of Lahja Nashuuta / The Southern Times

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