Tuesday, August 07, 2012

It Was Not Easy - Wati

Wati, Malawi's finalist in the Big Brother Africa says he tried his best to make history for the country but admitted the game was tough.

Big Brother Africa (BBA) StarGame which came to an end on Sunday night and saw South Africa's Keagan walking home with the US$300,000 (approximately K80 million) grand prize.

The calm and cool Wati, speaking on the sidelines of an after-party which followed the BBA grand finale, said Malawians should not despair as in a game there is only one winner.

"I tried to be as real as possible and showed fellow housemates who Wati really was. I had a chance of winning but there had to be only one winner and that is Keagan and I am satisfied with the result. Keagan and I have been friends since we entered the house and so I am happy for him," said the Malawian representative, who was the first of the six finalists to be evicted.

His eviction created some hushed protests from the audience led by his aunties who are based in South Africa as Uganda's Kyle, Zambia's Talia and Namibia's Lady May followed and left Kenya's Prezzo and Keagan to battle it out.

Wati said that living in the house was not easy as it was so stressful. He added that if he knew the criteria, he could have devised a strategy.

"It's not easy as people see it on TV, the fact that I did not win the money does not mean that I am a loser. Spending 91 days is not a joke and I am also a winner," he said.

He said he is not rushing into coming up with projects.

"I will not stress myself, at the moment I want to have fun and try to link up with my friends and then next year that is when I can come up with some projects. I am looking at working on projects of design and architecture," said Wati, who only got a single vote from Malawi.

He ruled out talk that his alcohol escapades in the house lowered his votes.

"In the house, your stress levels rise and while other people went on to do weird things, to me I made a choice of drinking and that gave a chance to express myself," said Wati, who holds an advanced diploma in architecture.

Wati, who survived evictions twice, admitted that Nafe's eviction affected him as it forced him to change his game plan and that he had to rethink as the rules were different after he upgraded from Downville to Upville.

He said he is going home having learnt a lot as well as gaining exposure pointing out that the biggest lesson he got in the house is that patience is a virtue.

Wati is Malawi's fourth housemate to be in the finale and win nothing Wati said he was baffled that none of the Malawian housemates have brought the money home

"I don't think we have done anything wrong but it's just that people vote for the most eccentric and the best we can do is keep on moving forward and building on this achievement and sooner we will make it," he said.

The Area 43 resident said he will continue to create concepts for his mother's company and wants to further his studies to obtain a Master's degree in architecture. He revealed that he is planning to tour Africa to help the less previledged but said the move was still in its preliminary stage.

Meanwhile, Big Brother StarGame runner-up Prezzo has been appointed ambassador for the One Campaign project and is expected to attend American hip-hop icon Jay-Z's concert in September in the USA.

By Sam Banda Jnr / The Daily Times

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