Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Jannette, Fierce and Fragile!

Ugandan domination in this year's Big Brother StarGame ground to a screeching halt on Sunday with the eviction of Jannette, aka 'the little princess'.

Having avoided nominations in both Downville and Upville, the petite dancer had probably one of the worst reactions to her imminent departure. Perhaps it was the realisation that she was up against 'heavyweights' who had all survived eviction on numerous occasions.

Her self-esteem possibly also played a role, especially given her history, in the house, of near self-destructive binge drinking, which brought out the fearless temptress 'Lolafiyas'. Jannette went through the Big Brother journey in such a carefree spirit it seemed she never once stopped to think that Africa was watching and judging, for better or for worse.

Given the way Africans tend to vote, it was inevitable this party girl's days were numbered. Even her last-minute efforts to garner votes from viewers, with the occasional help of Keagan and Prezzo, were in vain. We caught up with the lovely and bubbly Jannette to speak about her experience in the house.

How do you feel being outside the house after such a long time, Jannette?

I feel free, In the house there's all these cameras and mikes all over the place and now I am in the outside the world without all of that. I am also feeling very lucky to have gone through that experience.

What was the best part of being in the Big Brother house?

Meeting 2Face Idibia. Oh I was so happy. It was also an honour to meet Prezzo - he is a big celeb in East Africa so meeting him was very exciting. I also enjoyed the parties in the house as well as the tasks. It was a very good experience and I had a lot of fun.

Out of all the housemates - Downvillers as well as the Upvillers you got to meet - who do you think you will stay in touch with outside the house?

Talia, Keita, Alex, Lee, Nafe and Jesica. Although we had a bit of a disagreement before she left, Jesica was very kind to me in the house and I really liked her.

What about Malonzo?

Malonzo and I are friends. We had a bit of tension towards his last days in the house but I care for him as a friend and hope we can rekindle our friendship. He is a very kind and funny guy and he always cheered me up and I really hope we can remain friends.

Tell us about the Jannette/Malonzo/Junia saga. Was there beef between you and Junia?

I had no beef with Junia. She kept asking me if I had beef with her but honestly speaking, there was no beef on my part. In the beginning of the show the two of us talked a lot but when the issue I had with Tamara came up, I started to feel like she was siding more with Tamara and that is where the disagreement with her started. A week later she got with Malonzo and it looked like I had an issue with that but I had no problem with that.

You had quite the relationship with alcohol, do you regret any of the antics you got up to whilst under the influence?

You know, I am 21 years old and I wanted to have fun. If I scared or traumatised anyone with my actions while drunk then I regret it, but that would be the only thing I would regret. I don't like stepping on people's toes and I also do not like people to step on my toes.

You once heard saying that you will never go back to school nor would you fall in love again, do you still feel the same?

Eventually I will go back to school but not tomorrow, next month or next year. I will not go to school anytime soon, maybe only in a couple of years time. Right now I want to concentrate on my music while I am still young and fresh. Heartbreak I went through a while ago made me say those things about not falling in love but you never know what God has in store for me. Anything can happen.

Kyle mentioned after your eviction that he would share his winnings with you, what would you do with your share of that money - is that boob job still on the cards?

Oh my gosh, the boob job thing was a joke. I would do something with my music, push my music career higher. I'd be lying if I said I would use the money to start a nursing home or something as that will not be the case.

Apart from Kyle, who do you think will take the money home?

Keagan, Talia or Lady May. Lady May didn't like to mingle with the crowd but she has her own wild and entertaining moments which she likes to have alone and although she is different, I think different is good!

Where to from here?

All over Africa. I'm hoping to concentrate on my music career and travel and perhaps also come to Namibia.

By Rukee Kaakunga / The Namibian

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